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Responses to my freelance work


Rostislav recently used his expertise to make an app for me. The man is ingenius. His clever ideas and designing skills made it do exactly what I wanted it to, and I am extremely satisfied with the results. I have requested work from him in the past and it seems like there isn't anything that he cannot figure out. Also, a very pleasant, likeable guy. My ideal designer!


I am a part time freelance photographer, specializing on social event photo shoots.
Since these events take place indoors, they require using flashes with light modification attachments.
Based on my needs, Rostislav did an excellent design of portable diffusers and grids, and 3-D printed them with very high quality, rivaling much more expensive commercial light modifiers.
The design was done carefully, with full compliance with my specifications and with precise fit to my lighting gear.
Needless to say, this saved me substantial money and I got custom-fit excellent equipment.

Yuri P.


As an owner of a piano studio, I always look for the ways to make the end of the year recital an exciting event for my students. A little practical gift leaves a nice memory of the event.Rostislav made for me 3D picture frames in the shape of a piano and music holders.He listened to my requests and was very creative with the design. He made an outstanding final product. Students were thrilled.I am definitely going to use his service in the future.

Victoria P.


To Whom It May Concern,

Over the past few months, I have collaborated with Rostislav Persion on two projects using his 3D printing expertise.We designed an EPIJIG and an EPICAP, both are currently in the process of being trademarked by the US Trademark department.

The EPIJIG is a device useful in repairing an electric epee fencing weapon. The point is under spring tension and there are two small screws that holds the tip in position. The EPIJIG is designed to hold the tip in place where removing or replacing the screws.It is currently being test marketed by a fencing equipment retail shop.

The EPICAP is a similar device designed to protect the point tip while the weapon is in transport in a fencing bag. This will prevent dust and dirt from damaging the point.

Rostislav was crucial in the design process. He helped create the original part and subsequently made improvements and after several iterations, the final part worked like a charm.

He was very professional and provided fast turn around and lead to the success of both devices. 

Currently, these two items are being test marketed and our hope is to take them to the production phase with the creation of an injection mold. This will allow for mass production of these devices at a low cost.

Thanks to the expertise of Rostislav, and his skill in 3D modeling, we were able to reach a success in a very short period of time.

Jack C. Lee


Joan M. Silvestri

Dear Mr. Persion,

I would like to personally thank you for your kind & thoughtful donation of the safety caps neededby the Emergency Family Shelter. I understand Holly Shiffman reached out to you and youreplicated the safety caps using a 3-D printer. Again, we can’t thank you enough since obtainingthe caps was not proving to be an easy task. The safety of our families is our number one priorityand you helped us achieve this goal.

Thank you again,
County of Rockland
Department of Social Services