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.:: EMP BOX v2 ::.
EMP BOX #002. Disables Electronics at close range


Extremely small, simple and powerful EMP box. I was lucky to have bought a very good power supply that already on it's own generates EMP, as long as there is a spark gap connected to the output.

Input specs...

Use 4xAAA or 4xAA batteries in series. (Tested non stop for 15 minues)

Intially tested using a 6VDC 450mA power supply with perf board 3 hole spark gap, and functioned for 2 hours non stop. DO NOT USE 3 HOLE SPARK GAP WITH BATTERIES! THE HV MODULE WILL BURN OUT!

Intial 3 hole spark gap for 6VDC @ 450mA power supply. (Tested for 2 hours, non stop.) [DO NOT RUN OFF OF BATTERIES!!!, IT WILL BURN OUT]

Final 8 hole spark gap for 6VDC 4xAA, 4xAAA. (Tested for 15 minutes, non stop.)

Decrease spark gap for higher pulse repetition. (Solder holes together on perf board)

Final result:

Final result (with SMA connector):

Main component, HV MODULE:


HF warning decal to put on modules.:

I was able to disrupt this calculator at a distance of about 3.5 inches.

3D printable chassis: